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A fundraising initiative 


RaiseRight is the NEW ShopwithScrip Program. All the same great benefits with a new name. 

Do you love shopping with gift cards or scrip? Do you love supporting Nativity of Mary school? Do both by purchasing gift cards through RaiseRight! The term scrip has historically been used as an alternate name for gift card fundraising, since scrip refers to an alternate form of currency with options for eGift cards (available immediately), physical gift cards, and reloadable gift cards. When you purchase gift cards through RaiseRight,  Nativity earns money when you buy everyday items at the grocery store, gas station or restaurant. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you one extra cent!  RaiseRight has more than 750 vendors to choose from. Stop by the school office to place an order or go online to shop at 


Here’s how the RaiseRight program works. Nativity purchases gift cards at a discounted price. The discounts range from 2% to 20%. You purchase them from Nativity at full, face value and can use them immediately (or online with your own account at You have full purchasing power and Nativity nets the savings passed on by the vendor. 

As part of the Fundraising Fee, Nativity school families pre-pay the $250 that each family is expected to earn through the RaiseRight program each year. Families receive a credit for the amount of profit they earn (up to $250) on next year’s tuition, or as a check if it is the family’s final year at Nativity.


Using the RaiseRight program is a great way to support Nativity for shopping you already do, and to start to build a tuition credit for the next year! Don’t forget about purchasing gift cards when doing your gift shopping. Everyone loves gift cards! They are a great, hassle-free gift with no returning, no exchanging, and no re-gifting. Plus you make money for the school!

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Order Online

  1.  Set up an account at:

  2.  Register online 

  3. Use Nativity’s Enrollment Code (this is a private code so please call the office: 952-881-8160 or email to receive the Nativity Enrollment Code)

  4. Then select “Payment Options” and link your account with your bank.

  5. Again, you will log into your bank account and receive a code to enter.

  6. Then you are ready to shop! (Note: Not all companies offer online versions)

  7. PAY – with “PrestoPay” to receive immediately, otherwise, you will need to wait for the school to process this order which could be up to 2 weeks.

Order at School Office

Stop in, or call the front office (952-881-8160) to place your order. Card will then be delivered to the School Office. We will notify you when your order is ready to be picked up at the school. 

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