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Our Mission

Nativity of Mary Catholic School provides a Catholic education that fosters academic, spiritual, social, and emotional growth while preparing students to become impactful members of our community and world. We aim to inspire our children to become the saints of the future!


Being part of Nativity has help me to grow my faith and have a relationship with Jesus. As I plan for high school, I know I am ready because my teachers are always pushing me to be the best I can be. 


Nativity of Mary is a Catholic school grounded in foundations presented in the Gospels of Jesus, and guided by the wisdom of the rich and diverse history of the Catholic Church. Committed to educational excellence, we provide a comprehensive curriculum with meaningful and challenging instruction. Nativity of Mary provides a supportive environment emphasizing spiritual growth, social interest, peace, justice, and respect for diversity.  We empower our students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to be relevant Christians in an ever-changing society. Nativity of Mary prepares and encourages students to be life-long practitioners of Christian values and to share the Gospel message with others.


All of our children have attended Nativity and it has been a blessing for each of them. They grow in faith as well as academics and the community has helped them grow into incredible young people. We love Nativity!

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